Meet Lisa Kladitis

 I first heard about Trinity from my Ridgeway Primary friends who were pupils here. I didn’t particularly want to leave Riddlesdown Collegiate and change for Sixth Form but felt I owed it to myself to look at other options. I found the Open Evening very impressive and got the impression that the girls were really well looked after.

When I started at Trinity I was very excited, although nervous too! The induction days were a great way to get to know one another and so were the all-girl tutor groups; it means you have 12 girls that you get really close to. Academically, Trinity is fantastic: very challenging and very enjoyable. I stupidly moved into Sixth Form thinking that I would just focus on my four subjects but it’s just not possible! There are so many things to get involved in. For me, it was Netball, The Heretics (History Society) and Lit Soc. I also did Community Action, for which I went to Oasis Academy to teach English to struggling Year 7s. By the end I enjoyed it and so did the children, I think!

My toughest moment at Trinity was a month into Lower Sixth when the novelty had worn off and the hard work kicked in. Fortunately that period didn’t last and now I think that coming Trinity is the best decision I ever made. I have had so much support from teachers in my subjects and also for my UCAS application. 

My top tip to anyone looking at Sixth Forms is: don’t just go somewhere comfortable. It would have been so easy to stay at my old school where all my teachers knew me, but I just know that I wouldn’t have worked or tried nearly as hard.