Meet Ben Foreman

I am quite untypical in that I joined Trinity in the Sixth Form. I had been at Caterham since the age of 3 and felt that I needed to get out of my comfort zone. My younger brother was already a pupil at Trinity so it was a natural choice but I would not have considered it if it hadn’t been co-ed.

When I started in the Sixth Form I was one of only 3 new boys. Thanks to the induction I got to know people quickly.  I was really impressed with how interesting and entertaining the classes were. I could get involved, do lots of thinking and not worry about having to get it right all the time. I remember feeling pleased at how quickly I felt comfortable participating in class.

Extra-curricular opportunities at Trinity are amazing. I was really into running and I was able to go to the Sports department for advice on nutrition, training plans and support in the psychology of running. I joined the High Performance Programme and was given access to physio and Pilates classes with all the massive rugby lads which was fun.

By the end of the Upper Sixth I felt ready to leave – and I mean that positively! Our lessons that year became more like seminars and a lot more like a university environment. I was given loads of advice for my personal statement, more than I could have imagined, and encouraged to do an EPQ, which stretched me further.  Now that I am at uni I realise how well Trinity prepared me for higher education. When I started at UCL I was already used to a seminar environment and I was able to contribute confidently from the start. 

My top tip for choosing a Sixth Form is to go with your gut instinct and don’t overthink your decision. Be brave; get out of your comfort zone: it’s worth it in the end!